There’s nothing like listening to this track with it’s rhythm box blues influenced intro. This is a funky as you can get: a half-time shuffle, with clavinet and skank guitar(all influences from reggae). Anytime I watch/listen to a video on You Tube I have to check out the comments, and I must say that @Tarantulisimo summed up what I often think in these lines:

“Finally The ORIGINAL STUDIO/ALBUM/CD VERSION. Y Is It Always SOOO FREAKIN DIFFICULT 2 Find The ORIGINAL VERSIONS OF SONGS On YouTube, While U Have No Problem Finding Any Number Of Horrible Cover Versions, Half-Assed Karaoke Versions, & So-So Live Versions? Sometimes U Just Want 2 Hear That CRISP, ORIGINAL, PERFECTLY MIXED STUDIO VERSION”

Note to the major labels just put everything in your vaults up and figure out a way to compensate the musicians,artists and producers etc., who created this wonderful music, thanks.