Just a quick little commentary on something that has been on my mind for a minute… I was inspired to write this post because I have been giving a lot of thought to why some music after it receives its initial adulation sometimes can receive a negative connotation as soft, sappy or less than. Listen, I love hard rocking three chord montys as much as the next person, but I also love beautiful melodies, lush harmonies and productions that ooze sophistication.

It’s sort of like clothes: I wear certain clothes to cut the grass, play ball, go to work, go to a wedding, and on and on you get the point. I gravitate to the sonically sophisticated not as an aural elitist but because I like pretty sounds, just like I like gritty sounds. So today I will celebrate and not malign the Sonic Sophistication of these three selections. There are many more, that we will explore together.