Avery Sunshine Come Do Nothing Single

#NowPlaying: Avery*Sunshine: "Come Do Nothing"


Growns, check out the new single from Avery*Sunshine-- "Come Do Nothing".

About the song she says, "This is a song that shows the duality that most of us experience in relationships...'I can't live with you but I can't live without you.'What better way to tell your ex or significant other how much you miss them than by telling them to 'come on over... we can do absolutely nothing and I'll be satisfied.'"

"Come Do Nothing" is from Avery*Sunshine's forthcoming new album due in 2017.

Lindsey Webster Back To Your Heart

#NowPlaying: Lindsey Webster: "Back To Your Heart"


Growns, check out "Back To Your Heart", from jazz soul artist Lindsey Webster. "Back To Your Heart" is from Webster's forthcoming debut album of the same name.

About Lindsey Webster and Back To Your Heart (from the press release):

November 4, 2016, Shanachie Entertainment will release Webster's anticipated label debut, Back To Your Heart. Randall Grass, Shanachie Entertainment General Manager states, "Lindsey Webster is an extraordinary vocalist who effortlessly melds R&B and jazz in a uniquely appealing 'jazzy soul' style that instantly connects with audiences and the world is already taking notice!" Influenced by everyone from Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera to Steely Dan and Earth Wind and Fire, there is an honesty and authenticity that reverberates through Lindsey Webster's enchanting, smoky, rich and soulful honey-toned pipes.

Joining forces with her husband, pianist and musical partner, Keith Slattery, the duo crafts evocative soundscapes that fuse the best elements of R&B, jazz, pop and soul. "The knowledge, style and intuition that Keith brings to my songs is amazing," says Lindsey of her husband. "Keith and I are extremely passionate and sensitive people who put the same pride and perfectionism into our writing, recording, and producing. Our philosophy is simple, we do what feels right. I believe this is what has helped us to forge our own sound."

The lead single on Back To Your Heart is the album's title track. It's an intoxicating and emotive number that sizzles and a song that Webster said wrote itself. "Keith was coming up with the idea for the chorus upstairs on his keyboard one day and I was downstairs cleaning," she shares. "Once he got the chord progression going and played it a few times, the words 'You gotta show me the way back to your heart' popped into my head." Back To Your Heart is a revealing and intimate portrait of Lindsey Webster's life.

There are songs like "On Our Way," about Lindsey's personal path and the principals of the Laws of Attraction and her heartfelt and moving tribute to her mother Barbara, who passed in 2014. "One At A Time," was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and an inspirational speech that saxophonist Kirk Whalum (who guests on the song) gave at one of his concerts about the power of everyday Americans. Lindsey shares, "I realized that one person at a time is how we are going to come to some kind of peace. We have to love and respect and embrace our differences in order to get to the inner peace we need to create widespread peace."

Lindsey's mission is to make an emotional connection with her fans. Somewhat of an old-soul, the young singer concludes, "With all the pop tunes out nowadays, literally about nothing, I think it's important to hold the torch for the artists before us who found it important to write real music." With the release of Back To Your Heart, Lindsey Webster is poised to find her way into your heart...and this is just the beginning!

Anthony David

Visuals: Anthony David: "Beautiful Problem"


Check out the visuals for "Beautiful Problem" by Anthony David featuring a cameo from India.Arie. About the song David says, "'Beautiful Problem' represents life and the trials you can go through that ultimately make you better and stronger. It's really open to interpretation for people to relate to in several ways."

Dave Hollister Manuscript Album Cover

#Visuals: Dave Hollister: "Definition Of A Woman"


Check out and enjoy the visuals for Dave Hollister's new single, "Definition Of A Woman" featuring fellow Chicagoan LisaRaye McCoy. About choosing McCoy for his video Hollister says, "LisaRaye is a hometown girl, man, always been a beautiful spirit and she's so graceful and pleasant to work with. LisaRaye brought a warmth and a light to this video that only she could, and it was easy working with my homie versus a stranger, so... easy day for me!"


#MusicNews: Slim from 112 Set to Release Solo Debut for Shanachie


I know amongst the #Growns there area ton of 112 fans, so in the spirit of keeping you in the know we wanted to put you up on this project that will be dropping from Slim this Fall. Get all the details after the break.Read more

New Music: Orgone: "Sweet Feet"

Check out "Sweet Feet" by Orgone. "Sweet Feet" is a funky track described by the band as "an anthem for wallflowers around the world."

About the band (from the press release): One of the best of the new generation funk/R&B bands is Orgone, a eight-person group now fronted by scorching-hot vocalist Adryon de León . Beginning as a largely instrumental band nearly a decade ago, Orgone, with the addition of DeLeon, and increased touring up to 150 dates a year, has evolved to become a high-energy band with extraordinary command of a wide range of R & B and funk grooves, laced with jazz, Latin and rock music.

Orgone's new album Beyond The Sun is due for release in April 2015.


GFM Spotlight Interview - Avery*Sunshine


Last week I had the distinct pleasure to interview Avery*Sunshine about her latest project The Sunroom which is truly inspirational not only in concept but also in how it was created. Avery states:

"In your Sunroom you should do whatever you want to do. It's a no judgement zone, no one should be able to come into your Sunroom and tell you what to think, or believe, what you call God or how you should love. It's your sanctuary. It's your space."

The Sunroom features many musical colors and stylings and the set begins with "Won't You Try" which is a musical homage of sorts to a sound that is embedded in a lot of us... those great Memphis Soul records from the one and only Al Green. Was that the plan from the beginning?Read more