#Playlists: Listen To This! A Grown Folks Music Playlist 2/28/2020

We present Listen To This! A Grown Folks Music Playlist. on Spotify. This playlist is our attempt to put all of you grown music lovers up on game. We're highlighting some music you should have heard, but probably didn't-- current music from established artists as well as newcomers across genres. Old school may be the sh*t, but not all the good sh*t is old. Push play and share.

Raheem DeVaughn Decade Of A Love King

Now Playing/Visuals: Raheem DeVaughn: “Love Don’t Come Easy”

Now Playing: Raheem DeVaughn: "Love Don't Come Easy", from the new album out TODAY


GFM Spotlight Interview: Raheem DeVaughn Talks Love, Sex, & Passion, Aretha Franklin & Ending the “Ratchet” Era of Music

The "Love King", Mr. Raheem DeVaughn generously conversed with us about his new album, Love, Sex, & Passion, originally writing the first single "Queen" for the Queen of Soul, ending this "Ratchet" era of music and more!