I have expended a fair amount of energy over the last decade or so railing against the sad state of affairs in urban music. I’m pretty much done with that. I hope that some of you reading this will consider joining me in a concerted effort to discover, support and promote great music and just leave the other stuff to do whatever it does. It has been a gradual process for me over the last few months to slowly descend from my self-imposed ivory tower of longing for and clinging to what music was, not realizing (or maybe too stubborn) that if I really love music like I profess I need to concern myself a lot more with what music is and will be. All I really need to do to jumpstart my road to recovery is a change of musical zip codes as it were. I finally gave into the notion that I can’t change what Caesar is rendering anyhow. But I digress…

The good news is…[no Geico taglines, please] is that great music is being produced all the time.

To borrow from the great Louis Armstrong “There are only two kinds of music: good and bad….we play the good kind.” Well, add Saunders Sermons latest Classic Delight to your “good kind” purchases immediately. On Saunders’ website, a few clips from the record are available for a full preview. When I was first directed to his site: www.saunderssermons.com and I saw a cover of one of my favorite Ellington tunes (and Cosby Show moments) In A Sentimental Mood you know my conscious was saying “I gotta hear this!”. Well, you have to hear that cut [fantastic arrangement] and the other six tracks on the record as well. Sermons is currently on the road with Maxwell, holding down the trombone chair. I am definitely looking forward to keeping tabs on the career of this wonderful singer, songwriter, producer and the aforementioned trombonist. Please give this artist your support!