We’ve got more Kashif greatness for our GFM Fam this week. During the month of March GFM has been running an ongoing campaign which is in essence, a reintroduction of the many works of Kashif for his upcoming documentary series, “The History of R&B Music.”

Today’s classics are from Jermaine Jackson’s widely successful, “Don’t Take It Personal” album. Originally released on vinyl during 1989 under the Arista record label, “Don’t Take It Personal” was subsequently re-released under other record labels in other formats along with an extended track list. Kashif is known to be a pioneer in the music industry because of his direct correlation to many artist’s success stories – and of course his award winning songwriting skills and originative production style. Here are a couple hits produced by Kashif from Jermaine Jackson’s, “Don’t Take It Personal.”
Be sure to check out Kashif’s FB. You can also see the progress of “The History of R&B Music” documentary while Kashif and his team are out filming and doing interviews. For the latest and greatest of Jermaine Jackson check his official webpage.

Jermaine Jackson ~ Climb Out.
The high tempo opening track of the album.

Jermaine Jackson ~ I’d Like To Get To Know You.