Yes I’m claiming late gang on this one #Growns. Late but not never as they say, I think? Anywhoo let’s get straight to it. As I am prone to do I happened upon not only this great track but this great artist Raveena completely by accident and what a great accident it has been. “Johnny It’s The Last Time” is not only infectious in its musical presentation but please take some time to let the story unfold in the theater of your mind. It’s real. Realer than real. It also illustrates to me that there are songwriters out here who care about the craft. The story. The skill that it takes to weave something that will connect with not only your imagination but the very real places that have been faced by persons during this human experience. You need to hit play on this one if you are not already familiar.

One last thing… you know what I love about Grown Folks Music? I love the standard that many followers of the music embrace when they harken back to a time where the bar was clearly much higher than it is today. You know what I don’t love about Grown Folks Music? I don’t love that sometimes we spend so much time looking in the rearview mirror we don’t see what’s in front of us.

Produced and Mixed by EverettOrr
Lyrics by Raveena
Music by Raveena & Amon Robinson
Piano/Rhodes: Tommy Goodkin
Horns: Performed & Arranged by Josh Shpak
Bass: Aaron Liao
Violin: Eric Hu, Arranged by Everett Orr
Vibraphone/Marimba/Glockenspiels: Everett Orr

Artwork by Raveena Aurora