Grammy award winning guitarist/singer Norman Brown is set to release Let It Go, his new album and his debut release for Shanachie Entertainment on April 14th.

Let It Go is a sonic canvas of 12 mostly original soul-stirring and thought-provoking compositions that celebrate the spiritual and personal journey within each of us. About the CD Brown says, “This CD expresses a chapter of a spirit being’s journey in creation on earth as a man/woman. Through events, challenges and problems as well as the peaceful joys of happiness and love, these moments are our spiritual classroom!”

Norman Brown fans will take delight in knowing that he showcases not only his sublime guitar playing but his simmering soulful vocals as well. Let It Go opens with the ethereal and majestic “Lessons of The Spirit,” which transitions into the breezy and melodious “It Keeps Coming Back.”  Brown’s crisp, clean and bluesy riffs set the tone for a thrilling and revealing ride ahead. Dropping not only musical but universal laws of wisdom and understanding, Brown explains the message behind “It Keeps Coming Back.”  “If we don’t learn and live by the Laws of the Spirit (Truth) then the myriad of problems that we face in our lives will return. It’s not a choice.” The album’s title track is a lovely R&B flavored ballad that shines a spotlight on Brown’s sailing agility, utterly gorgeous tone and impeccable phrasing. The intent of this song is simple as Brown explains, “Listen to the teacher within your spirit.” Let It Go also features Brown’s delightful reworking of the 1970s Five Stairsteps Top 40 Pop Hit “Ooh Child.” “This is an all-time favorite of mine and sums up the thoughts that should dominate our minds especially in the face of obstacles and set backs,” says the guitarist. “In knowing that things will get brighter, that knowing becomes a force that aids us in the letting go process.” The track highlights Norman Brown along with TrayCar on vocals and keys who Norman Brown calls “a very special spirit.” TrayCar also mixed the entire CD.

Let It Go is also a family affair as Norman Brown, the father of six, shares the spotlight with his talented daughters, S.O.U.L. (Sister of Unbreakable Love). “They have all had the gift of music flowing in them,” says Brown of his vocalist/keyboardist daughters LaNika (a graduate of Musicians Institute of Hollywood), Rochella (a graduate of Berklee College of Music) and bassist/vocalist Kesha (a West Point Military Academy graduate). According to Brown “Conversations” is about the two voices we all have within us; our true self, conscious and spirit, verses the animal part of our spirit. “We must learn to control and distinguish the influence of each voice and the influence on our spirit,” he states.  S.O.U.L is also featured on the funky and kinetic fountain of musical wonder “Living Out Your Destiny.” Norman Brown reunites with Chanté Moore for the sultry duet penned by  James Poyser/Carvin Huggins/Troi Lauren, “Holding You.” Our spirit as well as our bodies have the desire to be held and to hold. It’s a faculty that follows the laws of truth. No one succeeds in life alone, it takes two or more,” shares the guitarist/vocalist. The brilliant “North Star” features Marion Meadows on soprano saxophone. The synergetic interplay between Brown and Meadows is a high point as the two radiate joy. Brown’s buttery guitar lines and smooth vocals caress the laid back fat groove of “Very Woman.” “When the one that you choose is all that! It’s very plain… Live out your destiny with them,” advises Brown.  The ear-catching and soulful ditty  “Liberated,” finds Norman Brown joining forces with his brothers in music and BWB members, trumpeter Rick Braun and saxophonist Kirk Whalum (who also guests on “Remember Who You Are”). Let It Go closes with a memorable cover of the Glenn Ballard/Siedah Garrett Michael Jackson hit produced by the King of Pop and Quincy Jones, “Man In the Mirror.” Brown is showcased on acoustic guitar and is joined by Sounds of Blackness for a emotive performance fitting for a close to a transformational journey.

Listen to “Holding You” featuring Chante’ Moore

With the release of Let It Go, Norman Brown not only delivers an uplifting musical tribute to life but he reminds us of our own instinctive divine light. Brown also affirms that the innovation, virtuosity and musical vision that we fell in love with years ago is full throttle ahead He concludes, “Our being is two parts and the only way for success in life is through the proper balance of the two.” So sit back, listen, open your heart, mind and soul and Let It Go.