Earlier this year simply by chance I got hip to the sound of Raveena. Ever since that sonic encounter I’ve been quietly following her movement. I’ve got to say that her latest release “Sweet Time” is making my Friday. Seems like there’s a movement afoot one that we discussed two weeks ago on these very pages . This movement consists of an embrace of melody, harmony, and lyric not in the abstract. My complaint with lots of “new” music is that it is so entirely self-serving. Whether it is productions that are clearly designed for an audience of musicians(I’m a musician and I have to be honest sometimes I feel like some productions are made as an excuse to show off chops as opposed to serving the song). We are often presented with melodies that are not compelling set to lyrics that are not relatable. Some artist have confused some of the new found freedoms of the internet world as giving some sort of pass to not consider that you have an audience. I’m going to be very simple here without being patronizing but at the end of the day it’s stories set to music. Great story and great music you will win. To these ears Raveena is winning.

“Sweet Time” gives the listener a sense of comfort from the groove that is established in the intro through the opening vocal until the last bass hit. Nothing wrong with just sitting right in the pocket and I’m one who is of the opinion that a recording works best when it just grooves without interruption. So look it’s Friday, take some time out today to get into this great song and equally great visual and while you’re at it allow yourself some time to get familiar with the sound of Raveena.