Over the last year or so we’ve featured the music of NYC based R&B singer Raveena. Now I want to invite your attention to consider for a second to that first sentence description. The R&B that Raveena sings is in my estimation of the straight-no-chaser variety. No, I’m not speaking from a purist standpoint but I think what often is missing from the conversation surrounding music these days is accurately describing the music. You see in order to sing actual R&B there must be some element of the Blues in the music. It’s inescapable and if that element is missing it’s totally fine it just means that what you’re doing is something else not R&B.

I felt the need to put that thought out into the atmosphere because it is something I consider often in thinking about where we are in this world of music. In Raveena’s work, I can hear the influences and where she’s able to land is in a place and time that is familiar, comforting and at the same time refreshing because it is unapologetic. The reason that I can make such a bold statement about her lack of apology for her musical truth is the proof of the consistency in her body of work. It’s not complex, no riddles here, just listen. It is no easy task to consistently create musical moments that are engaging as they are entertaining.

So here today we have “Honey” a compelling audio and visual experience. You have to listen and see if you know what I mean? I think a theme that you will pick up visually is how the realness of using film for this video is parallel to having an element of the Blues in an R&B song. When you get down to it the overarching theme here is authenticity. For some of us that’s the aesthetic that attracts us. If that’s not your thing no judgment but remember to make sure when you’re out here calling a thing a thing that it’s actually that thing. “Honey” from Raveena is the real thing.

Production Credits

Directed by: Raveena & Weird Life Films
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Producer: Laura Gordon
Screenplay & Casting: Raveena Aurora
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Set Design & Styling: Laura Gordon
Makeup Artist & Hair: Mollie Gloss
Makeup provided by: Milk Makeup
Assistant MUA: Vivian Wang
Wardrobe Design: Reena Aurora, Orseund Iris & Free People
Colorist: Ryan Ohm

Cast (in order of appearance):
Simran Randawha
Vish Singh
Priya Dadlani
Jordan Carter
Nali Henry
Dylan Camp
Harshvardhan Shah
Hao Chun Chang

Song written by: Raveena Aurora
Song produced by: Everett Orr

Filmed at Dune Studios in Tribeca, NYC
Shot on Kodak Film in 35MM
Film processing at Cinelab in MA