#Growns it’s Monday, you know the beginning of the beginning or whatever they say. Listen, I want to spark a little movement on this first day o’ the week by sharing some of that good, good by Linda Diaz. Linda Diaz is a vocalist and songwriter hailing from NYC(the LES to be exact). Born to a Puerto Rican family, her music melds rnb and jazz with melodies influenced by the writing styles in the salsa, folk, hip hop and alternative rock that she grew up listening to.

Linda Diaz falls into that category of discovery I love so much, which is personal recommendation. No publicist, no label rep, none of that. Just good old fashioned I know what vibe you’re on and I’m pretty sure you will dig this artist type of recommendation. Yep. In checking out Linda’s work there’s a well-spring of tunes that I would encourage you to check out. I wanted to start the introduction off properly to the #Growns with this sho’nuff Bop “Honesty’. As I have said for over a decade within the pages and posts of this site, great music continues to be made, you my not hear it(especially if you listen to terrestrial radio)but it doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

Several years ago I found another artist who hails from the LES in a similar manner and I predicted that a wider audience and success would be just around the corner. I believe that I can safely say that I see a similar path ahead for Linda Diaz.