#Growns taking some time out today to get you up on a smooth and velvety groove from James ‘Biscuit’ Rouse and The Buttered Biscuits. True to the group’s moniker the track “Give It A Chance” flows like butter through the audio sphere. This is definitely one for those late night/early morning meetings of the mind or whatever else. “Give it a Chance” was written, arranged, produced by James Rouse who also holds down the drum chair and lead vocal duties!

James states

“Give it a Chance “, a song that I hope will be a future classic love song, was written for my wife because of past experiences and the chance we took at love. My hope is that it inspire everyone to take a chance at love or remember the important things that caused you to fall in love with the one you’re with.

Sage advice and we’re hoping that you #Growns out there will not only heed, but support this wonderful artist and music. “Give it a Chance” from James ‘Biscuit’ Rouse and The Buttered Biscuits out now!