You know what’s interesting? The content of the longtime Reality TV show entitled “Love & Hip-Hop” more often than not is devoid of love. Yet today we have two tracks from Philly born Hip-hop artist/ Self Producer Renold that are all about love. Renold is coming in from the youthful side of the game which we applaud here because as we’ve let it be known many a time you’re never too old or young to make Grown Folks Music. Love when it is new and renewed is a beautiful ting.

On 3!” was created to share what was going on in my head when me and my lady were just friends. I wanted to take things to the next level but just didn’t know how to approach it 3 years ago. I made the beat really playful and cute to represent how our friendship felt at the time. I produced majority of this track and got a little bit of co-production from my good friend Moonsidesound. The most recent track “Chamomile” was all self-produced and was created for my lady to look back at when things get tough in our relationship. It serves as a reminder that I ain’t going nooooo where no matter what goes down between us. I use my music to express the vulnerability I’ve spent my whole life struggling to acquire. I hope my tunes can teach people that unlocking their soft side is okay.Renold

Indeed we know that one of the struggles of music from the culture is a struggle of balanced perspectives, subject matter and the like. That long held practice can and will change and what drives change is artist like Renold who seek to say and do things their own way and in many ways wait for others to catch up.

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