Ahead of Chewii’s soon to be released EP of the same name we wanted to give you a tase of the second single to be released from the set – “Black Skin Lullaby”. This is music for and about the times, composed and produced during the movement beginnings this past June(having written that it seems like June is so far away from today). Melodically “Black Skin Lullaby” provides a compelling comfort that is exactly in line with its title – an actual lullaby.

But this lullaby is different in that it may give you all the creature comforts of relaxing you, but as you listen to the lyrics you will be fully awake. Coupled with the low-end intensity of the drum programming and the hypnotic synth accompaniment the production here provides a 2020 underscore to a story that’s been with us far too long. Make it a point today to share the above visual and the music of “Black Skin Lullaby” from Chewii.

Video Credits

Directed & Edited by @govales
Styled by Chewii – wearing @area & a gorgeous vintage pearl/beaded cocktail dress
Written & Performed by Chewii
Music Produced by Chewii & @govales

About Chewii:
Chewii was born in Montreal, Canada. She was raised by a Canadian mother and an American father. Growing up, young Chewii was surrounded by a plethora of sonic stimulation as Jazz and Soul music filled her house. She was heavily influenced by Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Lena Horne.

Chewii’s work, much like her, communicates the artist’s truth with unrestrained passion and power that is seldom seen in music today. Her rejection and opposition of the status-quo and her assertive attitude certainly stands out on her 2020 Single “State Of The Nation” – one that she produced and vocal engineered herself.

Following the public praise and recognition (including a MUCHFACT grant) of her 2017 single ‘PuNoni’ which featured a special collaboration with KAYTRANADA, Chewii is ready to take her place amongst her peers. She has been compared to a young Sade and Erykah Badu as well as F.K.A Twigs.

Combining introspective enriching themes with a modern approach, Chewii is ready to take the reins and show the world how artistically multifaceted she is. Confident and meticulous in her technique, her voice is sure to resonate in a world that could always use more truth.

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