Terrace Martin

I needed to smile today, like I really needed to have that happen in my life. Working hard to free myself from this blog silence that’s been self-imposed because I just have not been feeling the muse lately because I became somewhat infected. Infected by what you say??? The mediocre. It’s just so prevalent and it takes effort to maneuver sometimes from the shuck and drive of radio and the often paid to over-hype internet postings of all the same music.

I needed a reminder of the small corners. The still small corners where the music matters. I found one today. There’s so much in this clip of Terrace Martin performing his interpretation of the Donny Hathaway composition “Valdez In The Country” which he appropriately re-titled “Valdez Off Crenshaw” that there was no question of posting. I hear and feel not only the illustrious history of Black Music, but the future all at the same time.

The revolution in music is upon us. I know its comfortable to stay inside with your familiar Linus type blanket. I do it often, so this is as much for me as it is for anyone else. However, I invite you as I encourage and invite myself to step outside and find a new corner, that feels as good as this does and make a new memory or two.