Get Down Saturday Night

New Music: Full Flava: “Get Down Saturday Night” Feat. Chantay Savage

Have you been looking for/thinking about Chantay Savage? We have too. It seems that we have not seen or heard much from her since her time on the scene as an artist in the 1990s. Her time in spotlight may have been short lived, but she left a lasting impression with her reimagining of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 song, “I Will Survive”.

Simply by slowing down the tempo to allow listeners hear the message, Savage deconstructed the song. Then, through her sultry vocal delivery she rebuilt it and turned it into a quintessential ’90s slow jam. One might say she “Luthered” it. She took ownership of the song the way Luther Vandross did with the songs he covered.

Now, Chantay Savage is back! She’s lending her vocals to yet another remake on Full Flava’s version of the 1983 song Get Down Saturday Night”. This is not Savage’s first collaboration with Full Flava– they got together in 2006 for a cover of Earth Wind & Fire’s classic, “September”. Click on the video below to enjoy “Get Down Saturday Night” from Full Flava featuring Chantay Savage.