Interesting week as usual, see below for news you might have missed!

  1. Just Dizle interview with Roy Ayers (plus mix) [KN]
  2. Bandcamp nixes free downloads, adds incentives to sell [Prefix]
  3. 24 Tips for Indie Artists [Kleer]
  4. Gospel Music Community Reacts to the death of Linda Sapp [Mlive]
  5. Why Albums Are Released on Tuesdays in the U.S. [NPR]
  6. Billboard Unveils Indie “Dreamseekers” Chart [WSJ]
  7. [New Music} Lauryn Hill & Ron Isley – Close To You [GFM]
  8. [Video] AIMP Forum: The History of 360 Deals [MIR]
  9. How Much Does It Cost To Run iTunes? Hint: It’s Big [Hypebot]
  10. More Rapper Beef on Twitter [MTV]