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Here’s a quick recap of the top 10 most popular stories, tweets and random foolery from this week:

  1. The Foreign Exchange announce their 3rd release, Authenticity. [FE]
  2. Antoine Dodson, the viral sensation that will not die.  “Bed Intruder” Gets Star-Studded Punk Rock Cover [Mashable]
  3. Ron Isley Talks Tax Evasion, Prison, Mr. Biggs & More. [Vibe]
  4. Missy Elliott Remembers Aaliyah, Nine Years Later [MTV]
  5. How To Get Your Music into Pandora Internet Radio [CDBaby]
  6. Exclusive Free New Song from Conya Doss [SoulTracks]
  7. Mark Ronson Working on D’Angelo Album [MTV]
  8. Google makes it official: Phone calls now in Gmail [CNET]
  9. The Music Industry’s New Model: Where is it? [HuffingtonPost]
  10. Fantasia on GMA Talks About Recent Struggles [WSJ]