Here’s a quick recap of the top 10 most popular stories, tweets and random foolery from this week:

  1. [Video] Atlanta Tastemakers Respond to the T.I. and Tiny Arrest [SFTA]
  2. Facebook Ads For Musicians – Ultimate 1 Cent Click Guide [RockStars]
  3. Janet Jackson considers Independent Record Deal [MR]
  4. Apple’s Stealth Plan to Conquer the Media Industry [DF]
  5. Miles Davis: The Muse Who Changed Him and the heady Brew that rewrote jazz [Guardian]
  6. Kanye West Apologizes To Taylor Swift: “I Wish They Could Accept That I’ve Grown” [NB]
  7. iTunes Ping Draws Fire From Facebook & Indie Music Community  [Hypebot]
  8. Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2010 Black Weblog Awards [BWA]
  9. [Free Download] The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me [FE]
  10. Kelly Price Interview Pt 2. “Music & The Machine” [GFM]

Bonus: Where are they now? 5th Dimension [ST]