If I were to add 1 songwriter, plus creativity and her guitar, subtract the lip syncing, circus stage props, the tight cat woman like outfits and the “rapunzel” lace front hair hat, oh, and the back-up dancing [slash] strip tease show, divide originality, soul, newness, art and talent into to each of her songs; that would amount to what could be, what I consider, the ideal formula…

It’s not very often that an artist comes along and puts out an album that you can actually listen to all the way through without having a predetermined notion that 4 out of 8 songs will be skipped. We buy/burn/rip (however you obtain access) the c.d. and before the intro to the second song is on we’ve critiqued it and depending on its worthiness, put it in our top 10 or tossed it to the side to be used as an alternate door stop.

Off top I can name 5 r&b artists (old and new) that put out cd’s that I still listen to with no skips, no hesitation and majority of my music connoisseurs will agree. (remember, I said off the top):

Donnell Jones- Where I Wanna Be

Erykah Badu- Mama’s Gun

New Edition- Heart Break

Beyonce- Dangerously in Love


Algebra BlessettPURPOSE

When I tell shawty goes in when she in the booth. Woooooooo-Weeeee! That Georgia peach ain’t playin no games. She will kindly serve half these chicks in the game as we speak but unfortunately her hype isn’t that strong. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! That’s the part I hate. Yes I’m complaining again! And if you don’t like it click the back button! *whining* Why does real talent come second to superficial looks and okay singing? Some of these artist couldn’t carry a tune if I they had Shaq’s hands. C’mon Son!

Even though I hate math…I love Algebra Blessett ! I came across her video “Run and Hide” back in 2008. Check her out for ya-self…