The conversation these days often turn to the lack of “Soul” in music. I would argue that a better way to phrase that sentiment is that there is a lack of “Soul” in the over-saturated mass consumptive marketplace but if you head down the block and turn right there’s a shop on the corner that has just what you need. Soulkiss the collective of Tim Dillinger, Kare Alford and David Sosa work in that shop. There’s no false advertising here just a whole lotta soul as the name implies.

Their take on the Nona Hendryx composition “Good Intentions” is simply as soulful as you can get. Taking on any song that has been recorded by the likes of Labelle, is not for the faint of heart. This is not lite or a safe steady as she goes type of remake either. This is in your face, going for broke style, just how it should be, because as has been stated this is Soul Music. My recommendation is to support this group, buy their music, go check them out on tour, because for so many wonderful artists like Soulkiss we want to keep the lights on at our store around the block from the mayhem of mediocrity.