Sometimes it takes me a minute it to “get it”, but when I do, I truly get it. Such is the case with Half Mile Home the five man vocal group whose mission and message is particularly concerned with salvation.

The reason for my above confession is to give some context: I initially became aware of Half Mile Home several weeks ago through the lead single “This Far” which I heard but I may not have been listening as intently as I should. Then, I listened to “Change My Lyfe” which provided me with an a-ha moment. I should also mention that this phenomenon has happened quite frequently(where it may take me one or two songs in to get it)and usually when it does the results are that I become a supporter of the music. That’s exactly what’s happened here.

With shades of Rock, Pop, Soul and the Gospel “Change My Lyfe” is an ode to the almighty, an open letter of sorts whose end-game is transformation. Delivered in the classic multiple lead vocal trading style of such, notable vocal groups as The Winans, Commissioned, The Temptations, and The O’Jays…this is not your uncle’s “quartet”(not that there’s anything wrong that)my point is this is something different. What’s refreshing is that this is a group with a group sound and not one sound with supporting cast.

Full of energy, the production imbues one to make a choice of changing the road that one is on. That’s what a great story/message does, that is delivered skillfully should do. Who wants to listen to anything that does not illicit any reaction? Finally, I “got it”. So what usually ensues when I get something is I go back and see what I missed. I’m glad I did. I hope that something that I’ve said here will cause someone else to “get it” if not, just listen to Half Mile Home and I’m sure you will.

Change My Lyfe by GrownFolksMusic