#SoulfulSaturday stumbles upon New Music from The Manhattans 🙌!

#SoulfulSaturday peeps out a new soulful groove from legendary R&B group The Manhattans. Known for their classic ballads Shining Star and Let’s Just Kiss and Say Goodbye, the R&B vocal group has continuously made their mark on the music industry throughout the decades. With Gerald Alston becoming lead vocalist in 1970, he has written and performed some of the groups biggest records. Since then the group experienced the death of co-founder Winfred “Blue” Lovett, but Gerald Alston continued to carry on the legacy with group mates David Tyson and Troy May.

It’s been 15 years since we last heard from The Manhattans. The trio has returned celebrating their 56th anniversary, along with a new jam. We couldn’t dare overlook how amazing the group sounds and looks these days. Hey now, Get It Ready Family! It’s a GFM approved, stepper’s groove! Check it out Growns, are y’all feelin’ it?