Soulful Saturday strollin’ back down memory lane 😉

I remember being a youngster when I first heard this jam, here. Knee high to a grasshopper, I can recall bopping in the most adorable form. Not having the slightest idea of the message behind the record, all I knew was I rocked with it. “That beat, that voice, that vibe…where and who did it come from? Now in my later stages, I came to determine that it came from somewhere. A remake that was done right, bringing the 90’s feel. #SoulfulSaturday strolls back down memory lane this week with this throwback from 90’s R&B vocalist Lathun Grady.

Being sampled from Debbie Deb’s When I Hear Music, both tracks are bound to get one up and movin’! Freestyle dancin’ incorporated with a Feel Good vibe, from 1983. What’d y’all say #Growns?! Put both up to the test…y’all got it! ‘Vibe’ on this #SoulfulSaturday 😉 .