What better time? What better day? For that matter what better place, than here to post this lovely new track from PJ Morton feat. Jazmine Sullivan? The reasons that I advance these rhetorical questions are very simple:

This song is as breezy and easy as a Sunday morning. It truly is… given the gospel inflections not only in the vocal performances, but in the arrangement as well, this song puts you in an early to mid-Sunday Afternoon state of mind.

The place? This is the place for this type of music. Why would I make such a declarative statement? Well, for one since you’re here you can peruse the postings yourself and see what we’re about or you can let me say state for the record(pun intended) that GFM is all about well-crafted songs.

Sometimes, I think in this day and age that people shy away from a good intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus 2 fade type of structure. Some try to put it under the aegis of being progressive, and while I may give credit to some for pursuing that route, the truth be told others simply can’t do it. You want to know why? Because it’s not easy. Oh it may sound easy but it’s not. PJ and crew make it sound easy here.

“Built For Love” is a welcome sound to all of ears here at GFM central: Live instrumentation, a rock solid arrangement, a compelling vocal performance, and a great story, check out the line “It’s not worth keeping if it’s not worth fighting for.” I would go so far as to say that PJ and Jazmine are not only fighting for love in this song, they are fighting for music and isn’t real music worth the fight?