Bad as in not good.

Yes folks I know, I know. I’ve been at this writing thing for a minute with the GFM Crew and it has taken almost a good 3 years for me to finally take the gloves off and say how I really feel. We’re almost ready to begin a new year so I figured what better time than now to start a new series?! Yes the uncensored, mindless ramblings of a certified idiot(me).

What better place to quell these shenanigans from than my twitter feed. Usually about once a week something gets my goat musically and from there well… let’s just take a look at the play by play from this week’s Twitteranti

Of course let me set the stage for you… the other night I just happened to be trolling around You Tube for no apparent reason. Also, for no apparent reason I had the Isaac Hayes composition “Deja Vu” which was made famous by Dionne Warwick on my mind. A fun little game I like to play is to checkout the “piano tutorials” that usually accompany songs. Sometimes you can get great information from them and then well, sometimes, as in this case you have wasted a few minutes of your life.

Please understand that I full well know what it means to be in a developing state on an instrument and the beauty of music is that you always have room to grow, something new to learn and there is always something to practice. However… I don’t think it’s a good idea to post videos about not only music but any topic when it’s pretty clear you have no idea what you are talking about. So without any further adieu or commercial interruption, this week’s Twitteranti!

The offending video that started it all.