GFM fam I wanted to put you on today to this great new track and video from PC Muñoz. Readers of GFM may be familiar with PC’s name from his Micro-Jams project that we posted on last Spring or recently the production work PC contributed to Kev Choice’s Arietta.

“Get Up and Get Over” is a sonic journey that utilizes a very funky soundtrack as the vehicle for the vocal to literally delve into your subconscious if you allow it. I would almost deem it preparatory music in the sense that it could literally prepare to make a move on something one way or the other. Visually the video is beautifully shot and the angst that is captured warms my heart. This is music for contemplation and could quite easily make for a valued companion on a trip where you have to think about some things…

Official music video for “Get Up and Get Over” by PC Muñoz
Directed by Brennan King for Four Times Films
Starring Rob Dario
Buy the single here: