This is “Bridging The Gap” all day long right here! Just wanted to take some time out to post this great piece and video from M.C./Pianist Kev Choice and PC Munoz. This work here represents an often discussed concept here at GFM Central: Music is 12 notes.

There is no delineation between genres as far as notes are concerned. So music can be whatever the artist chooses. You can only play what you have interfaced and really spent time with, Kev Choice has a Masters Degree in Piano Performance and is an MC. I hope that fact will inspire some students of music to understand that being into Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock or whatever is not a mutually exclusive proposition to your course of study. Music is an outward, sonic expression of the soul of the musician. You can’t put a price tag on that, although some try and their music sounds like a commercial, but this music right here is priceless and timeless because of the imagination and execution of the musician.

Shout out to Jamal Ahmad for posting this yesterday on Facebook. The streets are always watching!