Granted this song was and still is the jam – without question. However, their concert rendition always connects me with a certain memory. In my freshman or sophomore year of high school, my friend Natalie and I went to a BBD concert. She was moving and grooving to all the opening acts,  but when this song began, she just lost it! As Ricky Bell started with his intro of “show & tell” with the ladies and the spotlight was perfectly positioned, he unbuttoned his shirt and completely pours water from the crown of his head to the bottom of his feet. Natalie grabbed my arm and reached all kinds of “Mariah Carey” notes that night!!! She had me rolling and it was one of the best times we had together! You gotta love a song that makes you think of good times with a friend or an intimate moment with a special someone. Whichever your memory, we hope you’ll enjoy it with this song!