#Growns we’re dropping in today with a great new visual from Sy Smith of her tune “Perspective” from her latest album Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete. The video was shot at a private preview concert last year in LA at S.I.R. which Sy describes as “A bit of what folks can expect to see when I hit the road in a couple of weeks”. As you can see in this video and as you may already know Sy Smith is quite the performer. I just had to make that declaration because there’s often a disconnect these days between the creator that spends most of their time at home conceptualizing and conceiving their creation as opposed to the creator who divides their time between the solace of home and presence amongst the people via performing engagements. But as in all things, you don’t have to listen to me just watch Sy Smith as she weaves her magic and make sure to get out there and experience her artistry in person if she’s performing in or around your town!

Catch Sy Smith out on the road at these venues…

March 26 – Houston – The Warehouse Live
March 28 – Dallas – The Independent Bar & Kitchen
March 30 – Atlanta – Soul Village @ Moods Music
April 2 – Philly – Kindred Presents at The Clef Club
April 3 – Washington, DC – Blues Alley
April 7 – NYC – The Django @ The Roxy Hotel
April 11 – Los Angeles – The Record Parlour
April 26 – Baltimore – An Die Musik