#Growns as you may know that even in this time of staying in, for the creative that creativity still finds a way(has to) to come out. Such is the case with the latest from friend to GFM PC Muñoz! “Dollar Store Streak” came about while PC has been sheltering-in-place in San Francisco… “I started recording this jam, “Dollar Store Steak” —something about doing the best you can with what you have, and dancing your way out of your constrictions.”

In a recent article with Global Money World PC describes the process behind “Dollar Store Steak” further… “So this track was exploring how I could achieve the sounds I’m looking for with the minimalist recording situation (electronics, one mic, no outboard gear,) I have at home. I knew I wanted to make something funky, loose, and not as word-heavy as my usual stuff. I was thinking about Parliament’s “Flashlight” and disco songs like “The Hustle” where there are occasional words but not a typical lead vocal.”

Through enlisting the tools of communication that we’ve come to rely on even more during this period, PC was assisted masterfully by his colleague Willie Samuels on the mix and Chuck Zwicky on the mastering end of the production. We’re excited today to bring you the visual as the first outlet to premiere the sights and sounds of “Dollar Store Steak” together.

To purchase and stream “Dollar Store Steak” hit that Bandcamp link below.

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