#Growns I couldn’t think of a better way to start a Saturday than with this quiet and warm sounding ballad from Tim Bowman feat. Angela Johnson.

“My Heart To You” gets right down to the point of the matter. Two beats in we are presented with the central theme of the composition “Should we be afraid?”. The question posed here certainly sounds like a matter of the heart. Musically the setup here is classic in that for the majority of the song there are two voices: acoustic guitar and voice that have combined to speak one truth.

There’s a wonderful surprise in store beginning at the 2:45 mark a choir of the me, myself and I variety. Angela Johnson’s vocals puts on full display the inner dialogue that we all engage in when presented with decisions in life that really matter. The declaration of opening your heart to someone else is one of the most precious decisions we as humans can make and when presented with that our conversations with ourselves are often not just one to one but one to many and fast as a heartbeat. Tim Bowman’s guitar work here on this out vamp is ensconced in strength and beauty the perfect compliment the layer of vocals we are treated to.

While listening to this section of the song make sure to keep your ear open for some fantastic nods to a few R&B classics some of which are centered around matters of the heart. This opus is culled from Tim’s album Into The Blue which is out now and you can get in on iTunes and other outlets.

“My Heart to You” written by Tim Bowman & Angela Johnson – Produced by Tim Bowman
Tim Bowman – Acoustic Guitar
Angela Johnson -Vocals
I.M. Records, Purpose Jazz