Yes We’re Still Open

No, there’s no mistake here. This is still Grown Folks Music and I am penning these few words today about the new album release from Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me because well, I believe it’s squarely in the realm of the #Grown too. Listen, I used to be heavy in the Disney and Barney streets with my daughter who is now a teenager so I’ve been well aware of the vocal and songwriting gifts of Ms. Lovato for a minute. Last month I was watching the Empty V awards with mini-me and I saw Demi’s performance of the lead single “Sorry Not Sorry”. I made a mental note which in my personal parlance means I gave it the head nod and the pay attention mang self talk. Honestly I have to do that these days because there’s so much music from so many quarters that yeah, lost in the shuffle is the realness for me. But I knew I would follow up because of the respect I have for Demi and her craft. I still hit play on “Give Your Heart A Break” to this very day because of how I feel about its cleverness.

90 Reasons

Artists these days have access to so much more of recorded music history than at any other time. If you want to go down the rabbit hole of any decade through the power of the internet you can lose a day and yourself in the revere. The end result can be inspired especially if the artist has the terra firma that Demi Lovato possesses. Demi Lovato born in 1992 was listening to some 90’s R&B in the process of making this recording to these ears. Further, the formula is being followed here and I don’t mean in a mix and stir way, I mean the formula of care and having a standard for the craft. As I’ve proselytized for many a year on these pages it’s all about the song – always. Tell Me You Love Me doesn’t sound like the type of album where the songs serve the producers and the production it’s just the opposite here – the performances, production, all the elements are subservient to the songs. If you love melodies like I do, then this set will not disappoint you. “Sexy Dirty Love”, “Let’s Ruin The Friendship” and “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” stand out in mind in the melody department but quite honestly I couldn’t find a track where I wasn’t hooked by something and not a skip was to be found in my listening. It takes me a couple of seconds to make up my mind if I’m going to continue the journey of listening to a song and Demi gave me so many reasons to continue.

You Done Grew Up

I need to let you know if you are coming to this thinking the lyrical content is going to be of the Moon, June, Spoon variety with a side of lollipops and rainbows uh no it’s not that type of party. Hey Demi Lovato is a 25 year old woman talking about 25 year old woman ish so if shutting the front door bothers you, you may need to cop the instrumental karaoke version. The language is honest and again it serves the subject matter of the song and again if you’re offended Demi doesn’t drop facts on every song 🙂 Not to sound trite but there really is something on here for everyone. From the big ballad, to the ride out jam, Tell Me You Love Me from Demi Lovato is a Grown Woman talking about Grown Things.

Press play.