I often wish that time would be made to listen first. Time made to listen to those who truly have something to say. In the rush to posit one’s opinion a lot gets missed. Many times those with the harshest words are not hearing the message because they are afraid of the simple truth: a comment can often uncover culpability.

The times we are living in? All kinds of hurt, anger, destruction, disease, death, lying, stealing, mayhem and murder. What we don’t see on the horizon because we don’t listen to the cries of the soul is a whole lot of love. Love not just in the form of moon, June, spoon but the love that is necessary to convict one’s being into understanding the plight of a fellow and to be open to working to change the circumstance of the one who is down because that type of work lifts everyone up.

I had to go back today to one of the first clips I viewed on You Tube a decade ago. It’s Marvin. Even though he is not with us in physical form we need and should heed his words.