#Growns we’re taking a minute to get you in the know or better yet, get you in the ride as you listen to “The Drive” from Saint Ripley. The word on Saint Ripley is that he’s a rapper coming at it from a different wave. Citing classic influences such as The Beatles and Al Green to the contemporary sounds of Taylor Swift and Tory Lanez this Chicagoan definitely is bringing some different vittles to the musical table.

“The Drive” is part of Saint Ripley’s most recent release Girls an EP which is a follow-up to his 16-Track solo debut Thoughts & Prayers which was released last November. Now I have to warn you if you’re listening to “The Drive” while actually driving make sure to watch that speed or at least be aware of the speed limit where you are. The way that the music will wash over and energize you, you might find yourself doing eighty straight out the gate. There’s a push and an energy contained in the track that will have you on “Go Time”.

Make sure to check out the rest of the Girls EP and more from Saint Ripley at these outlets.


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