#Growns, back in late July we introduced you to the sound of Saint Ripley. Today we wanted to take some time out to drop the visual on you for “The Drive”. I don’t know about you, but a drive is a lot more fun with great company. Time seems to not matter as much and whereas there may be a destination it becomes secondary.

Saint Ripley is reminding us that it’s ok to smile, have fun and otherwise be in the moment even in these times. Directed, shot and edited by Saint Ripley, “The Drive” co-stars Lena Jackson. When you can smile even Monday is not so miserable.

“The Drive” is part of Saint Ripley’s most recent release Girls an EP which is a follow-up to his 16-Track solo debut Thoughts & Prayers which was released last November.

Make sure to check out the rest of the Girls EP and more from Saint Ripley at these outlets.


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