#Growns the best analogy I’ve heard this week regarding where we are in this musical environment is that while we’re grown, we’re definitely not old. So the analogy goes that being grown we can discover some great new music by hanging just outside in the parking lot and putting our ear to what some of the younger Growns are putting down. Such is the case with Knower.

From the band’s bio

KNOWER is a searing hot music group from Los Angeles spear-heading a new musical movement. The two members are Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi. KNOWER’s exclusive sound comes from the use of hard-hitting funk, cool chords, and deep melodies. KNOWER’s whole purpose is to create deep feelings through their music. Everyone likes KNOWER because they never hold back and they never settle. Watch out for KNOWER

Yes, all of what was said and more. The above clip is fun as it is their first true video done with the live band outfit. I’m really encouraging readers to take a trip through the group’s output on YouTube. A personal fave is “The Govt. Knows” yes they do. I’m really glad that we were able to catch the sound of Knower on our Grown Hangtime and then share this fantastic sound with you. Now the Grown thing to do if this is a sound you are digging pass it on to your closest two or three thousand friends.