We don’t like to speak recklessly ’round the GFM HQ, so we try to watch our mouths and not just spit out words like “legend” or “genius”. However, there are times when some things are as plain as day and as right as rain. We believe that Jacob Collier is operating in a genius space. Growns, if you can’t wrap your mind around that word regarding Mr. Collier, then we hope you’d at least agree that “Hideaway” is progressive and considering the fact that he is responsible for all the sounds you hear on this track– instrumental and/or vocal– call it brilliant. The track was also written, arranged and produced by Collier. He even does the video editing himself. We think ‘Hideaway” is beautiful and one of the best, self-contained, independent efforts we’ve seen in a while. It’s also worth mentioning that Collier has the stamp of approval from Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock. For us, that’s like money in the bank. Click on and enjoy “Hideaway”, from Jacob Collier’s forthcoming debut album, My Room.