This is the part where I state the obvious:Social Networking/Media is social. I know, I know but what I really mean is that you have to be willing to have a dialog that goes both ways. I am always so pleased and pleasantly surprised when someone puts me on to some great music and so I have to send a shout out to my man Henry Virgil over on Facebook who I met by being social and having a two-way dialog about great music.

When Henry sent me this clip of Jennah Bell to see what I thought, my immediate reaction was: “Yes! It’s all here and this is another confirmation that music lives, contrary to what is in the mall marketplace, downtown is thriving!” The singing, the playing, the writing it’s all here and after I stop flapping my gums on this post I’m going to post a live clip of Jennah to prove this she is not a product of the controlled studio environment in a word or two: “She can straight get down”. Again, Jennah proves what happens when you put the time in, when no one is looking, that intimate time with instrument and muse.

Pick up the Early Bird Ep from Jennah Bell here.