Song of the Day: Lalah Hathaway - "Boston"

This track from Outrun The Sky finds our Artist of the Month documenting a story of lovelorn melancholy. The warmth of Lalah's voice coupled with the arc of the melodic line and harmonic palette creates a five-star aural theatre of the mind. Press play close your eyes and go on a journey.

"Cover Me" Sundays - "Hey"

This might be a record for our series. This has to be the fastest that a song has ever been featured for you see "Hey" by King was released in February... 2011! But as I always say a great song makes the job of covering quite easy. Which leads us to Jessica Johnson's cover of "Hey" where she has successfully created her own vocal universe. Please listening to this aural painting below and please let me know if your day is better afterwards.

Jennah Bell - "3hrs, 59min. (New York)"

This is the part where I state the obvious:Social Networking/Media is social. I know, I know but what I really mean is that you have to be willing to have a dialog that goes both ways. I am always so pleased and pleasantly surprised when someone puts me on to some great musicRead more


GFM Spotlight - Iyeoka


photo credit Jayson Fann © 2010

Last week I had the distinct pleasure to interview Poet, Recording Artist, and 2010 TED Global Fellow Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo. In this GFM Spotlight segment I chat with Iyeoka about her album Say Yes , what it means to e a global artist and much more.

Iyeoka Interview by GrownFolksMusic