One of our favorite comedians, KevOnStage  is back with some more musical comic relief (which is much needed considering all the madness going on).  In this case, he touched on something near and dear to our hearts, diversity in music.  Now truth be told, there are A LOT of closet genre-jumpers, but Kev is giving you a safe space to ‘expose your iPod’ and let you know — it’s ok.  You no longer have to be ashamed that your personal playlist goes from praise and worship to trap, to country, to reggae to house to fusion to bossa nova to metal and BACK to praise & worship all within your 1 hour commute.  It’s ok.  You are not alone, we are here for you.

Let all your ‘stuck’ friends know that you’re not the crazy one, it might just be them.  And, if they’re being honest, their personal playlist is a bit more varied than they let on publicly.  Our mantra, good music is good music, irrespective of genre.  There’s good & bad in all (even our beloved old school, c’mon somebody), but that makes it fun and unites us when seemingly nothing else will.

It’s what we do all day, every day on our Facebook page.  If you happen to join the party there, you never know what might pop up.  Let’s take a quick look.  Just in the last week, we’ve shared or posted requests from the following:

  • The Stylistics
  • After 7
  • Wham
  • Daley
  • Al B. Sure
  • MC Lyte
  • Rod Stewart
  • George Benson
  • David Benoit
  • Israel & New Breed
  • Rockie Robbins
  • Uncle Luke
  • Yes
  • Belinda Carlisle
  • Wuf Ticket
  • Nina Simone
  • Bee Gees
  • Phil Collins
  • Jodeci
  • Fred Hammond
  • Goapele
  • Maysa
  • Larry Graham
  • Debbie Gipson

Just a typical week around here. Come on through, we’ll leave the lights on for ya.

So let your friends know, it’s ok to pass you the aux cord.  Otherwise, shut up & enjoy the sounds while you’re the one driving!  (by the way, where the hell was Kev going??)

‘Cash Money Records takin’ over for the 9-9 & 2000’s’, enjoy!

Bonus: Salute to the 90’s