Da Famous Boyzz

“Uncle Craig”

More of a conversation with an old friend doing big things than interview… I recently chatted with “Uncle Craig” of M2C Productions who recently directed the short film that showcases the new single “Private House Party (P.H.P.)” by Atlanta based group Da Famous Boyzz. In this interview we discuss the inspirational back story behind the song, the genesis of several companies formulated as an outgrowth of this recording project, the NYC to ATL connection, bridging the generation gap musically and much more.

What “Uncle Craig” shares with us in this interview truly demonstrates the power of music. The members of Da Famous Boyzz are all currently upperclassmen in high school yet, they have been actively recording and performing since 2006. The beneficiaries of talent and great mentoring Da Famous Boyzz have a sound that has been missing in the Hip Hop marketplace for quite some time: Music that everyone can listen to without the aid or assistance of bleeps, bloops or reversing objectionable words.

Shout out to Blahzay Music Group label home of Da Famous Boyzz, M2C Productions for this great film and Day After Productions for holding down the scoring duties.

Checkout the interview and the film after the jump! You can keep up with Da Famous Boyzz around the web at these outlets:
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GFM Spotlight Interview: Uncle Craig – Director “Private House Party( P.H.P.)” by GrownFolksMusic