Aside from those who follow him closely, Avant might not get enough credit for his contribution to music since he entered the game nearly 20 years ago– and that is consistent, authentic and enjoyable R&B. The singer recently released his ninth album called, Can We Fall In Love and with it, he shows no signs of deviating from that formula.

Grown Folks Music talked with Avant about his new album and why love and relationships are the still the focus of his music and he address all facets of the subject on this album. He says, “It’s a different time in the world today and I’m trying to get people back to what real R&B is about. Not just making love but being in love, what happened to that? I think it’s important that we delve back into those kinds of things.”  Listen and enjoy.


Also, check out “Edible”, the first single from Avant’s new album, Can We Fall In Love.