So the question that is open for discussion relates to this article from The New York Times published September 5th.

What we’ve been discussing here at the GFM offices is why is there not an R&B/Soul equivalent to an Iron Maiden? Sure, there are R&B/Soul groups who have toured for decades off the legacy they created in decades past, but what about the group that is supported for not only their legacy but for their new material as well? Does a group like that exist in the R&B/Soul world?

Mind you Iron Maiden is 15 albums into a 30 year career, and this latest release has shipped 800,000 worldwide and the band is still keeping an active studio and touring schedule. As I stated earlier we can certainly name some R&B/Soul acts that are keeping a very active touring schedule but what about the new music? What are your thoughts as to why this phenomenon can occur in one genre and not the other? How might this level of support be implemented in the R&B/Soul genre?

Love to hear your comments.