GFM's Official 2018 Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

#Growns you already know what it is... it's almost the weekend and not just any weekend... a holiday weekend and by most accounts the beginning of summer. Heavy on the '70s and '80s sauce-- this playlist is guaranteed to be a hit with the towel on the shoulder stay away from my grill crowd as well as the supreme trash-talker at the spades table. I mean you've got

Maze (Gotta have Maze)
The Commodores
Teena Marie
Kool & The Gang
King Floyd
Roy Ayers

Just to name a few. 150 tracks 12 hours and 41 minutes of (mostly) gettin' down. Charcoal and lighter fluid mayne. Tell your peoples GFM's got what they need for the paper plate and aluminum foil gang takeover. Ya heard.

GFM Playlist 8/10/14 - 8/16/14

Trying something out new here... if you missed any of the action on our always active FB page we wanted to try out a week in review packaged like a radio show (minus the commercials or a few if you don't have Spotify Premium). The running time will mirror a morning or mid-day slot and the music... well the music can only be described as Grown! Take us along with you to work, or press play for an afternoon or evening at the crib!

Frankie Beverly performing live in Atlanta

[Photos] Maze Brings "Happy Feelings" to Atlanta!!

Frankie Beverly of Maze

As the evening crept in, you had to question whether the party would end before it began. With disappointing showers, crazy Atlanta traffic and the overzealous  cop waiting to enforce his confidence - excuse me, his authority- the evening definitely didn't appear to be that "golden time of day". However when you have one of the baddest R&B bands playing at Chastain Park, come rain or shine, you do whatever is necessary to witness this epic event. Even in my mad pursuit of a decent parking space, I witnessed the regal entrance of six seasoned women climbing from the back of a Lincoln limousine, dressed to the nine, feeling fine and ready for a good time. From their summertime hats to the all white linen, fans came in droves for some of that "silky soul".  Now you may ask, "what incredibly distinctive group is causing all this ruckus?" Well, it's none other than the legendary Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Read more


Food For Thought...Where's the R&B/Soul Equivalent?


So the question that is open for discussion relates to this article from The New York Times published September 5th.

What we've been discussing here at the GFM offices is why is there not an R&B/Soul equivalent to an Iron Maiden? Sure, there are R&B/Soul groups who have toured for decades off the legacy they created in decades past, but what about the group that is supported for not only their legacy but for their new material as well? Does a group like that exist in the R&B/Soul world?Read more


Former Maze Bassist finds a happier rhythm after illness

Photo: Lianne Milton / Special to The Chronicle
Photo: Lianne Milton / Special to The Chronicle

I came across this article in the San Francisco Chronicle a while back and it really caught my attention. It speaks to a post written earlier by Ivan Orr, regarding the lack of bands in today's music scene as well as the harsh realities of the music business and life itself. Of course, being a huge Maze fan, I took an even more personal interest in the story. 30 years with Maze, embarking on a solo career, battling cancer, finding Christ and now "back in stride". Whew! Sounds like a VH1 behind the music episode waiting to happen.

Check out his latest project, Life, earlier release Do It Duhe, as well as his website.

For Robin Duhe, the disease that threatened to kill him was a "godsend." Until then, he had been living a dream.

After riding a 30-year wave of success with a famed R&B band, he chucked it all to embark on a promising solo career. But everything he'd worked for came crashing down when life threw him a curveball.
Read more

Maze All Stars Album cover

Joe - Can't Get Over You (Maze cover)

What do you think?

Maze f/Frankie Beverly Tribute Album

Maze We Are One

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly (Live)

Maze. From the 1986 Album, Live in Los Angeles (Capitol).

I Wanna Thank You

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maze featuring frankie beverly

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly Live - "Joy & Pain"

Nothing like a a lil Frankie to start or end your day.  Ahhhh, bless your heart y'all!