#Growns as you may know it’s been a while since I’ve logged on to our “Cover Me” Sundays series to post. I couldn’t let this day of rest and reflection go by without posting this cover of Smokey Robinson’s 1981 classic “Being With You” from friend to GFM Kea.

Kea’s take on this classic is contemplative, pointed and gets right down to the heart of the matter. The kind of music designed for a fall day just like today. It is a conversation where you there is no stone left unturned and the receiver of the message should have no issues with understanding where they stand. It is a testament to the tenacity of Kea to bring this to the fore as with many artists doing for themselves the road is often paved with an obstacle or two or ten to traverse.

Give this a spin for your soul and perhaps, if you have a person that needs to know exactly where you’re coming from, send it there way to say what you need to say.

“Being With You” by Kea

For good measure, here’s a clip of the Smokey original which spent five weeks at number one on the Soul Charts and made it all the way to number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Coincidentally, Smokey was kept out of the top spot by Kim Carnes’ “Bette Davis Eyes” (which I believe one a Grammy for Record of the Year) Smokey who had been enamored by Kim’s classic “More Love” and actually penned “Being With You” with the intention of giving to her. Once Smokey’s producer heard the demo they suggested he record it himself and the rest as they say is music history.