Well you know they always say “The streets is watchin…” you can add your Facebook, Twitter and a whole assortment of social and interactive feeds to that as well.
True up to this point we had not weighed in on the current Kanye West news cycle, but I agree wholeheartedly that it is a very important story, as the resident hablador here I probably just dragged my feet.

If you haven’t checked out the widely circulated clip above please do so and form your opinion whichever way your convictions lead you. I’m going to keep my words brief and posit this thought for all of us to ponder: Like him or not isn’t it powerful(and potentially empowering) for one of the largest media outlets in the world to devote this much airtime to the thoughts and opinions of an entertainer? The fact that we are still talking about those 10 seconds(regardless of how you feel about what he said) 5 years later shows the magnitude that being unafraid to be a square peg surrounded by a bunch of round holes can have.