It is as generic as it is widespread these days. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the practice of “artists” going into “promo” mode on Social Media or what I like to refer to as a once avid Looney Tunes viewer the “Eat At Joe’s” effect.

Oh I get it. You’ve got something to sell. You need customers to buy your goods and services. But why oh why must that be the only topic of your conversation 24/7 for six months out of the year? It feels like one long extended commercial. Oh it wouldn’t be so bad if the message wasn’t the same and delivered in the same manner daily. That’s where the “Eat At Joe’s” comes from: It’s the fact that you don’t care or don’t take care to realize that this message you are crafting is going out to a lot of the same people at the same time and the same way, more often than not with the same words.

So here’s a thought… stop. No seriously just stop and give some thought to message. Switch it up verbally, take a day or two off be unique be yourself, hell be the person that attracted us enough to follow you in the first place but above all else stopping being an Average Joe that promotes an Average Joe product through Average Joe means. Thanks!