I don’t have a lot of words today… yes there are lots of thoughts that run through but the words-escape. As has been a tradition of mine since I was very young I turn to the muse. In melody, harmony and lyric Rachelle Ferrell articulates the highway that my thoughts currently inhabit.

This world, this country, these states, cities, counties, neighborhoods are home to all of us. ALL.OF.US we don’t talk enough about US all of US and as a result division points the finger of blame everytime at them, you know them over there? Yes them, the them that makes up all of US, WE.

So even though I’ve written far more than I believed I had the capacity to write today I will say that our peace, the peace that is needed across this entire land must begin in the home. Father to Mother, Parents to Children, Brother to Sister understanding, truth and honesty about who we are faults and all to begin to move to a place of higher love and respect for the humanity of all. Although, true peace begins with each and everyone of us on an individual level, when the day comes that we can acknowledge as a society the psychological damage that has never been dealt with, which is: when you indict entire groups of people for all of the ills of society in overarching, non-nuanced, constantly and consistently by powers that seem beyond reproach… the fountain of evil will continue to flow and adherents will can continue to drink and act accordingly. Which begs the question…

How can we have peace?

Pray for peace.

Pray for healing.

Pray for a drought for Lake Hate.