#Growns it’s Friday, many of you are probably at work and have stuff to do 🙂 Also, I’m sure many of are in the same position I’m in – thawing out from yet another frigid, snowy week on this here East Coast. So it is in this spirit that I could not think of a better day or way to introduce Swedish R&B newcomer Janice(pronounced Jah-NEES). Janice is making serious waves in Sweden her song “Answer”(posted below) from her forthcoming debut album Fallin’ Up ​(out Feb 2) ​just went gold, and she’s been nominated for a Swedish Grammy for Best New Act.

So #Growns this is the part where I’d like for us to make like a Raphael Saadiq song and you know “Get Involved”. Above I have posted the new video for her song “Queen”. As you will note Janice brings the full spectrum of vocal timbres with weight and warmth in the lower register and a light and bright airiness on the top end. Janice is able to move between the two seemingly without a break in sound. Control is what I believe they call that. This done over a solemn music soundtrack and in this case a stark visual to match. Upon first listen the sound of “Queen” struck me as anthemic. What about you?

So listen, here’s how you can “Get Involved” if you are so moved after checking out these tracks… share this post or any post that’s featuring Janice’s music wherever you hang at online. We want to provide a warm welcome as it were. Janice recently made her first trip to perform in these United States last month as part of a very progressive arts exchange sponsored by the Swedish Government. For more on that check out this great article here. So let’s roll out the ol’ welcome mat and support this artist on the rise!